Sunday School

Classes begin After Holy Communion

Our Sunday School program serves children in Pre-K (3 years old by September 10th) through high school.  Our children learn all aspects of our Orthodox Christian faith in a nurturing, interactive, and loving environment.

This year’s theme: “What you are is God’s gift to you; what you become is your gift to God.” --Hans Urs Von Balthasar, shared in a reflection by Fr. Nicholas and Presv. Roxanne Louh

Our Sunday School program offers our youth the opportunity to:

  • learn about, and live our beautiful Orthodox faith;
  • discuss what we, as Orthodox Christians, believe and why;
  • discuss Scripture, the saints, our services, prayers, and much more;
  • participate in leadership roles and philanthropic projects, building the foundation to grow closer to Christ and to grow as stewards.

It’s never too late to join our Sunday School Ministry.

We always welcome our youth to learn more about their Orthodox faith and to grow in fellowship.

  • Classroom 3: Pre-K to 1st Grade
  • Classroom 5: 2nd to 5th Grade
  • Classroom 6: Middle and High School

Sunday School Philanthropy Project: We still need parent volunteers to lead our Lenten philanthropy project.

Sunday School Director. Please contact our new Director Themis Tokkaris when you would like to enroll your child or help with this Ministry.

Sunday School Registration Online Form

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