Great Lent Psalter Group

Join the 2023 Great Lent Psalter Group!

It’s that time of year again! Please join our 2nd annual Great Lent Psalter Group. We're a group of parishioners who read the Book of Psalms during an Orthodox fasting period like Nativity or Great Lent.  This group is a wonderful way to make praying the psalms part of our daily routine. You are praying along with other Orthodox faithful all over the world, and for our brothers and sisters in our parish.

The Book of Psalms is traditionally divided into 20 kathismata.  ('Kathismata' is plural for 'kathisma', which means 'sitting'.) With these divisions, you can read through the Book of Psalms over 20 days.

On the first day of the fast (Feb. 27th), each member of the group will pray one kathisma.  Each day, we will all move on to the next kathisma, and so on.  Once you have prayed Kathisma 20, you will start over with Kathisma 1 the next day.  Don’t become discouraged if you miss a day or two. Anything you read is more than you would have read if you hadn’t signed up!

We will have a brief meeting after Liturgy on Feb. 26th (Forgiveness Sunday) to answer questions and give members of the group their introductory Kathisma.  If you are interested in joining us, all we would need is an email from you with your BAPTISMAL NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS to Maria Murphy, OR catch Maria after Liturgy over the next 2 Sundays.