Hellenic Cycling

Come join us for some fun, scenic rides along the Loop.


Short out-n-back EZ rides on very scenic sections of The Loop originating from the Church. These rides are designed for those of us that are just getting started or have been off the bike for a while, and may need to melt off a few more pounds. Great rides for recovering after your hard week of training. Arrive early and stretch. All bikes welcomed. Distance and routes will vary. Come join this group.

Our Hellenic Cycling Ministry exists to share Christ, and celebrate cycling through riding, service and fellowship. In an increasingly secular sport, recreational and pro cyclists turn to faith-based groups for kinship and spiritual support. Cycling and religion are indisputably linked by history and culture; cycling’s most fervent nations have long histories with the Church. It’s easy for one to think of reducing religion into only spirituality, solidifying your relationship with God. That is only one element; religion requires community. People want to associate with positive people. We're not always talking about religion, it is about a relationship that includes Him. Hellenic Cycling rides with ChristianCycling of Tucson; a faith based, accomplished group of racers, and recreational riders.

Regardless of your experiences and level of bicycling, you're going to enjoy being out on your bike with the group. Focus is on safety, and riding smart. Some riders may struggle on their first group ride only to finish the El Tour of Tucson that November. Achieving their goal by participating in Tucson’s pinnacle event and America’s largest charity ride. El Tour isn't a requirement. However, when it is your goal, we can coach you to give you the skills and knowledge to do so.

Do you keep misplacing the same few pounds only to find them again later? Darn. Rides over 1hr burn fat. Calories consumed on the bicycle virtually don’t count due to burning them right off. Bicycling works every muscle, and keeps your mind focused on what’s ahead. Even your Hippocampus gets stronger, too. Helping to offset age affected memory loss; and glitches.

Most rides will start from the Church on Saturday mornings. We may meetup during the week when the days are longer. Starts may begin around the Loop based on participants. Routes will vary and speeds are determined by the group. Riders will soon progress to a point where the Group can ride to various Parks, and Cyclist favorites such as: Farmer’s Markets )for coffee n snacks), the Mercado San Augustin (for empanada breaks), "A" Mountain, Rita Ranch, OV Market Place/Ranch Vistoso, Avra Valley Road, Irvington Road, and of course going all the way around the Monster Loop. These are not races. No drop rides mean that No rider should be left behind.

Join this group.

"I press on toward the goal to win the prize of God’s heavenly calling in Christ", Philippians 3:14


Hellenic Cycling Fun Rides and El Tour Training Rides will begin September.

When interested, please contact the Office. Yasas!