The mission of the Mirofores (Myrrh-Bearing Women) is to:

  • tend to the Holy Icons of the Church
  • decorate them on their feast days
  • have them ready for the Faithful to venerate during the Church Services.
  • decorate the Church for the major feasts, i.e. Lent, Pascha and Christmas.

We raise money by making Christmas ornaments and other items. At the present time we are selling beautiful panoramic views of the Church Iconostasis before it burned.   We use the money raised to purchase items to be used in the Sanctuary. The Mirofores meet the second Sunday of every month at the Church after Liturgy.

If you’d like to help us reach our goal by donation or your time, please contact:

Elizabeth Brollini

Board Memebers:

Elizabeth Brollini – President
Carolyn Skurich – Treasurer
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